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Business Strategy


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Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A. was a leading example in matters of policy for ecological subjects. Not only for the  protection of the environment, but also in order to enter in new and very promising markets.

The enterprise was a pioneer in the production of organic cotton (beginning in 1993-94 12 years later is still the only ginning mill in Europe). The first cultivation of organic cotton in Europe begun under the company's supervision in 1993-94 and is conducted in accordance with Regulation 2078/92 of the European Union (which ensures that no chemicals, etc. may be used for 3 years). Certification is accredited  by the internationally recognized Greek bureau called "DIO".

  • The company provides assistance to organic cotton growers:
  • offering consultation on cotton farming ( with its own agricultural experts) 
  • preparing compost from gin waste and poultry manure paying a premium of 0.235 Euro per kilo of seed cotton

View the CertificateTHRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA S.A. is the first Greek company, and the first ginning mill in the world, to be certified in compliance with  the international Environmental Management System ISO 14001. By pursuing certification under this System, the enterprise has taken a proactive stand on the issue of environmental protection. It is the company's stated policy to maintain complete and total compliance with the terms set forth by the Environmental Management System, respective Greek law and European regulations, as well as to strive toward its stated goals through an ongoing program of continuous improvement.

THRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA S.A. begun 1993 the production of energy from biomass (leftovers from the ginning process). The company developed and constructed a gin waste burning unit to produce steam which was then used to dry the seed cotton and cotton seed, and to heat plant work areas. Apart from the protection of environment and the drastic reduction of cost for fuels, we have also improvement of the cotton quality, because we use for the seed cotton drying only clean hot air and not exhaust from the oil or gas burning. In fact because cotton wastes have a high thermic value, the time-period of amortisation of investment is very short. Today, many ginning mills in Greece have adopted this system.

As a result of these achievements, in 1997 the company was awarded the Golden Hephaestus, the Ministry of Development's top prize for corporate environmental policy. In 1998 was awarded in Old Parlament with the ECO-Q prize.

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