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Linters are the fine, silky fibers which remain adhered to the seeds of the cotton plant after ginning, including parts of the longer textile fibers, or "lint," as well as coarse, short fuzz fibers in most upland species of the plant. When purified, linters are used in the manufacture of paper.

 They can be used to replace from 5 to 35% of the rag content of fine papers with little or no loss of strength. Linters improve uniformity and the color properties of paper, and also provide a cleaner, bulkier sheet.

Although linters do find use in papermaking, their principal use is as a raw material in the manufacture of cellulose derivatives.

THRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA installed in 1996 delinting machinery and produced linters from its own cottonseed and from cotton seed supplied by other ginning mills.

In the last few years the linters price is very low and for this reason the seedcotton is not always delinted.




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