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Cotton News / Textiles - Garments

Textiles - Garments

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August 18 2017 Article in English

Clothes, like any other consumable goods, have a history. Supply chains are complex and sadly, companies are frequently found to be sourcing from factories where workers are not treated fairly and/or their health and safety is put at risk.
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August 16 2017 Article in English
Fashion For Good, SoftWear Automation join forces for sustainable fashion

Fashion for Good has collaborated with SoftWear Automation Inc., a US-based robotics company for sustainable fashion.
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August 16 2017 Article in English
In the Future We Won't Own Clothes, We'll Rent Them

It’s no secret that consumerism is trashing the planet, and the fashion industry is a big part of the problem.
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August 15 2017 Article in English
Rising tide of accountability on the horizon for garment industry

Countless examples demonstrate that mistreatment and abuse in apparel manufacturing is commonplace: from the child labour in 19th century industrial England, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York in 1911 which took the lives of 146 mostly female immigrant workers, to the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh in 2013
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August 15 2017 Article in English
Closing The Loop On Sustainable Fashion

Fashion remains central to the way we shape ourselves in the world. It is a nearly US$3 trillion industry, employing 57 million people worldwide. Bringing change to its lucrative value chain is not a task for the faint-hearted.
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August 10 2017 Article in English

Denim is about as American as apple pie. Yet, it’s seen its share of competition here from athleisure apparel. Is it still beloved? Of course. But do other markets like China and Mexico present strong opportunities for denim makers? Definitely.
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August 08 2017 Article in English
Primark finds partnership brings sustainable cotton from field to store

The idea of sustainable cotton isn't new. Yet only 12 percent of cotton produced around the world is currently classed as sustainable. In many countries, cotton is often grown on small farms where it is then aggregated and sold on the mass market.
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August 08 2017 Article in English
Inside Avery Dennison's plan to create 10 billion pieces of connected clothing

Designer collaborations a-go-go to get this project off the ground
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August 01 2017 News in English  Fashion must fight the scourge of dumped clothing clogging landfills

July 28 2017 News in English  PAKISTAN: $1.243b cotton yarn exported in last FY


July 25 2017 News in English  Ethiopia Sets $US30 Billion Textile Export Target for 2030

July 17 2017 News in English  Guilt-free fast fashion

July 06 2017 News in English  Indian Textile Industry Aims to Reach $650 Billion by 2025

June 20 2017 News in English  C&A Foundation aims to transform fashion industry

June 20 2017 News in English  Marks & Spencer Promises 100 New Sustainability Commitments

April 24 2017 News in English  “What does modern slavery look like?”

April 18 2017 News in English  Ethical Fashion Report Finds Zara and Patagonia Are Leading The Way

March 24 2017 News in English  Industry 4.0: Texprocess Presents ‘Digital Textile Micro Factory’ for the First Time

March 20 2017 News in English  Transparency is trending

March 08 2017 News in English  India's cotton yarn exports to rise on strong Chinese demand

January 19 2017 News in English  European textile industry: Now’s the time for wise substitution

December 29 2016 News in English  ALL EYES AHEAD: LOOKING FORWARD TO RETAIL 2017

December 23 2016 News in English  Can H&M Really Make Fast Fashion Sustainable?

December 08 2016 News in English  Your Clothing May Be Killing the Fish

December 05 2016 News in English  Can Fast-Fashion Brands Like Zara Go Sustainable?

December 01 2016 News in English  H&M, Zara Grapple With Sustainability Trend This Holiday Season

November 30 2016 News in English  Retailer Primark says constantly looking for slavery in its supply chain

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