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The Clothing Textile & Fibre Technology Development Company (CLOTEFI) was founded in 1986 to pursue the application and utilisation of the results of applied and technological research, and to provide scientific and technological services to businesses and organisations in the textile and clothing sector
EU - Agriculture
CAP and more..
EU - Reforms of the CAP - Cotton
Extensive changes have been made to the aid arrangements for cotton, with part of the Community support paid to ginners (65%) being converted into a single farm payment
EU - Textile Sector (TRADE)
Overview - Legislation, reports and texts - Future of Textiles -  Statistics
EU - TEXTILES and CLOTHING (Enterprise and Industry)
Overview of the Textiles and clothing industry
Who gets what from the Common Agricultural Policy
Cotton Area in the EU-15
Maps and satellite imagery of cotton in Greece and Spain.
Tsiakiris Silk S.A.
The Sister Silk Company

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