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Greece is one of the top 10 cotton producing countries in the world. With the exception of Spain, which produces only small quantities, it is the only country of the European Union to produce cotton. In spite of the fact that cotton production in Greece has increased substantially over the past several years, it represents only a small part of the total European consumption.

In the last years, the cultivated area was stabilised at approximately 370,000 - 380,000 Ha. With the change of the EU subsidy system, that will be applied from 2006 and on (the subsidy will be decoupled from  the production at 65 %), we forecast a 30 % reduction of cotton production at least.

Cotton Production in Greece 2014-15 
(pdf 3518kb, modified: 10.30.2015) [Download]
EU - Cotton Production 2012 
(pdf 412kb, modified: 03.07.2013) [Download]
Greece Cotton Policy Update 2012 
(pdf 151kb, modified: 03.07.2013) [Download]
Greece: Cotton and Products Annual  
(pdf 243kb, modified: 04.05.2013) [Download]

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